Core Sectors

Core Sectors

As Part Of our commitment to sustainability, matsamo holdings is focused on developing a number of core portfolios

Healthcare Projects
Fuel Storages
Vessels Owning
Agricultural Projects and Farmland Acquisitions

Healthcare: WholeSale and distribution of healthcare products

Matsamo Holdings is an authorised supplier of Intensive-Care Units (ICU) with bio containment for patients with respiratory infections. We also supply high – quality medical devices and instruments with reliable after-sales services support, thereby improving access to, and quick deployment of medical equipment. Matsamo Holdings goes beyond distribution of healthcare products to deliver project management and turnkey solutions to its clients. We are expanding and growing our interest in the healthcare sector to invest in vaccine supply chain and logistics systems management and we are actively prospecting new opportunities in Sub – Saharan Africa. Our company is building close working partnerships and relationships with manufacturers globally.

Fuel : Oil & Gas

Matsamo Holdings is contributing to the transformation of the Fuels, Oil and Gas industry. We are committed to investment and strategic purpose project development of supply chain solutions for South Africa’s liquid fuels supply challenges, management of liquid fuels demand and emergency responses. We are investing in bulk fuel storage, distribution and supply capacity. We supply and distribute fuel products (Petrol and Diesel) to diverse client.


Matsamo Holdings is committed to the growth of the South African shipping register as a catalyst for the promotion of job creation and maritime skills development amongst South Africans. Our organisation is set to become one of the leading African shipping companies with a global presence. We are positioning our company for strategic acquisition and organic growth to develop our maritime infrastructure. As a bulk shipping company and cargo carrier, we are seeking investment in vessels acquisition and strategic partnership. We operate and charter bulk freight commodities servicing the mining, liquid fuel & gas and agricultural industry.


Matsamo Holdings is committed to food security, job creation, transformation and investment in primary agriculture. Our operation activities include the acquisition of farm land, production of crops, fruits, livestock, aquaculture and timber. We seek to acquire, rehabilitate and convert land to high quality farmland. Our methodology also includes own to lease approach to minimize operational risk while the land production capacity is maintained and enhanced. We seek to identify investment opportunities in high potential and efficient agricultural projects. We achieve this through project propositions (using in- depth, multi –disciplinary and global agricultural expertise), collaborations and venture creation. We are constantly seeking new markets and building relationship with local partners and service providers.