investing into the mainstream of the south african economy

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Fuel : Oil & Gas



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Matsamo holdings

Is a multi sector company aimed at achieving positive, measurable, social and environmental impact alongside attractive financial return. Our core business is focused on the supply of health care products, oil & gas, and strategic investment in primary agriculture and maritime industry. Our business philosophy depends on going beyond simple services to delivering turnkey solutions and industry specific –expertise. We capitalise on new opportunities by tackling complexity and growing our geographic reach.

“In victory, always share credit. In defeat, shoulder the blame. Never be defined by failure,  just accept it as part of living a full life because  setbacks can be a source of strength…”

5 months ago
Matsamo Holdings licence application notice in terms of Petroleum Product Act, 1977 ( Act No 120 of 1977) as prescribed by @DMRE_ZA was published on Monday 25, 2021 in two national newspapers, namely, @BDliveSA & @Beeld_Nuus respectively MatsamoHoldings photo